Commercial Surety Products

Avalon has developed a unique expertise in providing surety products for specialized industries ranging from real estate to health care. We also have experience in handling surety programs for companies in or near bankruptcy or those in need of complicated collateralized court bond support such as multiple appeal bonds.

Avalon's specialized commercial surety programs are available on a nationwide basis and are centered around unique collateralized products, such as our Debtor-in-Possession Surety Facility and our Court Appeal Bond Program.

One of Avalon's competitive advantages is our ability to accept and manage a wider variety of collateral assets to back the surety bonds than other markets in the industry. Our retail producers and commercial clients look to us when their options for bonding support are determined by the type of collateral they can post. Avalon can handle non-traditional collateral assets such as cash, securities, assigned trading accounts, real estate and other personal collateral.

Debtor-in-Possession Surety Facility
For companies of all types dealing with a recent or impending bankruptcy filing, the inability to continue or acquire surety credit can be a major obstacle to a successful reorganization plan. Avalon is staffed with in-house legal bankruptcy counsel specifically for the purpose of coordinating court filings and other credit documents necessary to access our "A" rated surety markets for debtor-in-possession surety facilities.

Appeal and Supersedeas Surety Bond Programs
Commercial businesses facing both large and small scale litigation can utilize our in-house legal capabilities to manage a collateralized appeal bond facility where large numbers of bonds and settlement proceedings are required. Avalon's market for this program also allows for cash and other securities to be posted as collateral which can often assist our defendant principals in maximizing their investment return on posted collateral and avoid an overlap of encumbrances on these assets with their lenders.

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Avalon is a contract surety specialist with a special emphasis on emerging/certified contractors. Visit our Products and Services section for more information.


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