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With surety and lending markets hardening and with more enforcement of construction Trust Fund and Prevailing Wage regulations, Avalon has recognized a growing need for third party project monitoring and funds disbursement services in the construction and real estate development industries.

Through its consulting affiliate, Lighthouse Management Services, Avalon has assembled a group of highly skilled professionals to provide these services on a contract basis to surety companies, banks, developers, general contractors and public owners.

Whether a surety bond exists on a project or not, Lighthouse can offer an added level of assurance to the parties that construction issues will be brought to light in a timely manner and that project funds will be properly disbursed at all levels in accordance with Trust Fund and Prevailing Wage laws.

The members of the Lighthouse team have successfully monitored and disbursed contract funds on over 300 projects in the past three years with total contract value of over $800,000,000. These projects included both private and public Agency contracts as well as general contractors utilizing these services to better manage their subcontractor and supplier exposures.

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